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The total amount of donations made on your behalf due to the sale of prints was an amazing £450.  Thank you to everyone who purchased a print from us.

I am going to be donating £10 from the sale of every print that I sell between now and the end of 2017 to the Wave 105 Cash For Kids. This is a charity that helps disadvantaged, vulnerable and disabled children in our society. Please help me to raise as much money as I can as part of the Wave 105 1000 Faces appeal. Thank you very much (if you would prefer to not be named as a purchaser then please let me know and I will put anonymous donor).

  • £10 donated by Nigel Barker, thanks Nigel.
  • £10 donated by Stephanie Keane, thanks Stephanie.
  • £30 donated by Ruth Wade, thanks Ruth.
  • £10 donated by Krister Jones, thanks Krister.
  • £10 donated by Carol & Kim Francis, thanks to you both.
  • £10 donated by Kléber Chapon, thanks Kléber.
  • £10 donated by Marita Jones, thanks Marita.
  • £10 donated by Joanne Loft, thanks Joanne.
  • £10 donated by Anonymous, many thanks.
  • £30 donated by Pauline Crewdson, thanks Pauline.
  • £10 donated by Ann Dennis, thanks Ann.
  • £30 donated by Alex Tomkins, thanks Alex.
  • £20 donated by Graham Atwell, thanks Graham.
  • £10 donated by Artur, thanks Artur.
  • £10 donated by Dave Hulin, thanks Dave.
  • £20 donated by Paul Marwood, thanks Paul.
  • £10 donated by Sandra & Trevor Grundy, thanks to you both.
  • £10 donated by Diana White, thanks Diana.
  • £10 donated by Christine Smith, thanks Christine.
  • £10 donated by Andrew Goodall, thanks Andrew.
  • £10 donated by Ian Finbow, thanks Ian.
  • £30 donated by Matthew Lowe, thanks Matthew.
  • £10 donated by Shaun Mottram, thanks Shaun.
  • £10 donated by Julia Sinclair, thanks Julia.
  • £10 donated by Mark & Karen Corfield, thanks to you both.
  • £20 donated by Bryan Moran, thanks Bryan.
  • £10 donated by Paul Cumberland, thanks Paul.
  • £10 donated by Tim & Teresa Marlow, thanks to you both.
  • £10 donated by Tony Grant, thanks Tony.
  • £10 donated by Vanessa Alway, thanks Vanessa.
  • £10 donated by Julia Sinclair, thanks Julia
  • £10 donated by Costi Constantinou, thanks Costi.
  • £10 donated by Ian Poole, thanks Ian.
  • £10 donated by Christopher Woodland, thanks Christopher.
  • £10 donated by Heather Peacock, thanks Heather.
  • £10 donated by Edwin Downing, thanks Edwin.